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This site is maintained by the people of Toronto, for use by tourists, visitors, and residents. The Toronto area includes thousands of rental opportunities, an enormous range of shopping, service, and dining choices, hundreds of hotels, and dozens of major attractions. Entertainment includes famous stage and theatre, opera, night clubs, live music pubs, and a wide range of historic sites and tourist attractions. Shop, dine, and be entertained in the City of Toronto, which has been serving the best in hospitality since 1793!

The Toronto Neighbourhood Business Association, otherwise known as TORNBA, is a government registered not-for-profit group that in 2009 launched our websites for use by renters, shoppers, diners, tourists, residents, and visitors. Maintained and hosted by internet company Mmicrosite.Com, this site allows for you to shop our featured local businesses online. Click on any button above to instantly view a summary of featured hotels, restaurants, stores and services. Click the Business Directory button to look for any type of business, or the Business Search button to access the business selector. Once you have found what you are looking for, just view the detailed Mmicrosite® by clicking on its link. Individual sites can contain many features, allowing you to e-mail the business, make an appointment, request a room reservation, or even book a table for dinner. If desired, just give the business a call - phone and fax numbers are listed for every business along with complete addresses and directions. You can also click the Apartment Rentals button to access the complete Toronto Vacancies system, or click either Attractions or Transportation to link to other sites. Visit us here on our websites, then come and experience the heart of Toronto for yourself - the place to stay, dine, shop, and be entertained!
A Detailed View of Downtown Toronto

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Downtown Toronto extends from the lake north to Bloor Street and from Pape Avenue in the east across to Dufferin Street in the west. Midtown extends directly north of Downtown, from Bloor Street to just north of Eglinton Avenue. North of this point is considered Uptown. The Downtown area is serviced by three subway lines - one along Bloor, another on Yonge, and a third on University. For detailed information on transit, click the Transportation button (above).

Here are just a few of the local businesses that are listed on our site. Click on any logo to view a summary page. From there you can go to their specific business Mmicrosite®, which can include maps, business hours, menus, price lists, and even reservation or ticket services.
Click for the Royal LePage Your Community Realty Office
Click for the Canadian Opera Company
Click for the Royal Bank
Click for Downtown Acura
Click for the Sultan's Tent
Your Community Realty
Canadian Opera
RBC Royal Bank
Downtown Acura
The Sultan's Tent
Click for Stagionis Mens Wear
Click for the Hotel Victoria
Click for the Rainbow Cinema
Click for Bulloch Tailors
Click for SaleMark Realty
Stagioni Mens Wear
Hotel Victoria
The Rainbow Cinema
Bulloch Tailors
SaleMark Realty
Click for the OSole Salon
Click for the Envers Chapin Gallery
Click for the Metropolitan Restaurant
Click for the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People
Click for the Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill
OSole Salon & Spa
Envers Chapin Gallery
Metropolitan Restaurant
Starfish Restaurant
Click for Downtown Fireplace
Click for the Trevor Kitchen and Bar
Click for Mirtos Italian Restaurant
Click for the Optic Zone
Click for the Thai Dish Restaurant
Downtown Fireplace
Trevor Kitchen and Bar
Mirto Restaurant
The Optic Zone
Thai Dish Restaurant

All businesses within the designated City of Toronto area are entitled and invited to have a Mmicrosite® on one or more of our community websites. A Mmicrosite® can be used as a website with its own dot com address, or as a gateway to an existing business website. Annual memberships and renewals for The Toronto Neighbourhood Business Association may be purchased directly from either Mmicrosite.Com or through A2N Technologies Inc by calling 416-203-0560.

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